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Update (March 31, 2014): The outpouring of support has been nothing short of extraordinary. As you can see, our glass is getting close to our goal of $15,000. But we still need help filling the glass the rest of the way.

As we prepare for Bread and Circuses, here are specific ways your contribution makes a huge difference:

$500 covers the cost of one of our artists (actors, designers, director)

$250 covers a third of the costs to costume our actors

$150 covers a quarter of the set costs for this show

$100 covers a tenth of the prop costs for this show

$50 covers the fee for one of the nine short plays in this show

As you can see, no matter what you donate, you're making a huge difference in our ability to produce the theatre you love so much. Thank you so much!


Thanks so much for coming to Impact and seeing what we do. If you’re a longtime fan and/or one of our fabulous subscribers or donors, that goes triple for you. But even if you’ve only seen one of our shows, you’ve seen how much we can do on a shoestring budget. Over 18 seasons, we’ve given scores of hugely talented playwrights, actors, designers, and directors some of their earliest professional experiences, and audiences are constantly amazed at the level of quality we offer for truly underground theatre.

Throughout it all we’ve kept our ticket prices low enough to make theatre affordable for everyone, and since 1996, even through dot-com bubble bursts and a tremendous economic crisis, we’ve managed to make it through each season.

But now we really need your help.

This season, we made a decision to increase what we pay our artists. Our newly raised stipend now matches the low end of what other companies our size are paying artists. We wanted to push ourselves to give our artists as much as we can to remain competitive with local actors, designers, and stage managers, in order to continue to bring you the best the Bay Area has to offer. To offset these new costs, we added 7pm Sundays to our performance schedule, hoping there was an untapped audience out there who wanted an earlier showtime.

Unfortunately, the first two shows of the 2013-14 season, while loved by critics and the people who saw them, fell far short of our anticipated ticket sales. Any season there are hits and misses — especially when a company like Impact focuses on new and unfamiliar work, that makes it a tough sell to audiences. Fortunately, for the past few seasons we’ve had the reserves to withstand shows that didn’t do well financially. But we no longer have the reserves to weather two such shows in a row.

As a result, we are now entering a deficit situation. Between now and the end of February, when the next show, Bread and Circuses, will have started, we need — at the very least — $5,000 just to pay our rent. If we can raise $10,000 in that time, we can afford to give advances to our designers for set and costume costs. If we can raise $15,000, that will put us back in a place where we have a cushion to withstand another loss should it occur.

If everyone who reads this email were to donate just $15, we could make our rent. If everyone who reads this email were to donate just $30, we could get to our second-tier goal. And if everyone who reads this email were to donate $50, we’d be back in a place of strength, ready for the next challenges. And consider this: if everyone who reads this email were to sign up for a recurring monthly donation of just $5, that would get us there.

Thanks again for your support of Impact Theatre — we truly hope you’ll help us out this holiday season and enable us to keep bringing you awesome small theatre.

Ready to make a big Impact? Hit the button below or send a check to Impact Theatre, P.O. Box 12666, Berkeley, CA 94712-3666. THANK YOU!